Share House



This is a set of basic rules that must be strictly adhered to by residents of the share house, based on the Share House Fixed-Term Rental Agreement, for the purpose of facilitating smooth communal living and coexistence with the local community or neighbors.


(Duty of care for common areas)

Arcticle 1.                   

Residents shall particularly adhere to the following management items regarding their duty of care for the common areas:

1.   Be vigilant in managing areas with water facilities, such as bathrooms and kitchens, and ensure that there are no water leaks.

2.   Be careful not to clog the pipes in flush toilets and sinks. Furthermore, if it is discovered that the cause of a toilet blockage is due to flushing anything other than toilet paper, the resident will be responsible for the restoration at their own expense.

3.   For shared spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and washroom, clean and tidy up after use to ensure they are pleasant for the next person.

a)   Clean and tidy up promptly after cooking.

b)   Do not appropriate shared dishes for personal use.

c)   Do not let dishes pile up in the sink.

d)   After use, clean the drain of any food waste.

e)   Do not leave cooked food unattended.

f)   Individually organize or dispose of expired food or spoiled vegetables in the refrigerator.

g)   Do not use someone else's belongings without permission.

4.   Do not flush leftovers or organic waste down the toilet.

5.   Do not cut hair in the washbasin or bathroom.

6.   Do not leave personal belongings in shared spaces.

7.   Put shoes in the shoe rack. Do not leave shoes out in the entrance.

8.   Do not walk inside the living spaces with shoes on.

9.   Place umbrellas and raincoats in the designated area or bring them into your own room.

10.  Always turn off lights, electrical appliances, and devices such as air conditioners when not present.

11.  Residents are responsible for receiving their own mail and packages.

12.  Do not dispose of furniture or appliances without permission.

13.  Lock the doors when going out.


(Use of private rooms)

Arcticle 2.                   

1.   Open and close doors quietly, and as a rule, do not leave them open.

2.   Keep your own room clean by regularly cleaning and ensuring it is well-organized.

3.   Always lock your room when leaving. The management of valuables, cash, and personal belongings is the responsibility of each resident.

4.   The landlord or MamaSan bears no responsibility whatsoever for the loss or theft of personal belongings within the house.

5.   When leaving your room, always turn off the room lights, electrical appliances, and the air conditioner.

6.   Before moving any furniture, contact MamaSan in advance.

7.   Do not dispose of furniture in the room without permission.


(Garbage disposal)

Arcticle 3.                   

1.   Dispose of garbage produced in your own room individually and do not throw away or leave garbage in common areas.

2.   Garbage should be separated and thrown away on the designated day by each local government. Carefully read the materials regarding garbage separation in your area and separate them properly.

3.   Electrical appliances and garbage that requires a fee to be disposed of must be disposed of at the resident's expense and in accordance with the local government's rules for oversized garbage disposal.

4.   Do not throw away or bring trash anywhere other than the garbage station in your own residential area.



Arcticle 4.                   

1.   Please keep your personal dishes and similar items in the communal kitchen organized and tidy.

2.   After using shared spaces such as toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens, everyone is responsible for tidying up and cleaning by themselves.

3.   Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms regularly.

4.   Wash bedding sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and bed pads regularly.

5.   Keep comforters and pillows clean by regularly drying them outside.

6.   Each room should be regularly ventilated to prevent mold from forming due to moisture.



Arcticle 5.                   

1.   If an infectious disease such as influenza occurs or is suspected, appropriate measures should be taken promptly at the hospital to prevent the infection of residents and guests as much as possible.


(Contact, socializing)

Arcticle 6.                   

1.   Share house residents will join a LINE group made up of MamaSan and the residents. Also, please respond promptly.

2.   However, once you leave, you will immediately withdraw from the LINE group.

3.   Live with other residents with consideration and respect for each other.

4.   Do not behave in a way that makes other residents feel uncomfortable or engage in violent behavior.

5.   Strive to be courteous with greetings.


(Room key and security)

Arcticle 7.                   

1.   When going out, make sure to lock the doors to your room, the entrance, and the windows.

2.   In any case, do not give the key to non-share house residents.



Arcticle 8.                   

1.   Bicycles provided by the share house must be locked and managed by each person.

2.   Repair costs in the event of damage will be at your own expense.

3.   Park your bicycle in a designated place.

4.   If you lose your bicycle key, you must compensate the lessor for 10,000 yen.

5.   Be sure to lock the wire lock that holds multiple bicycles together. (However, houses without this key are not eligible.)


(Smoking and fire prevention measures)

Arcticle 9.                   

1.   Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is strictly prohibited inside the share house.

2.   Do not bring in anything that is considered dangerous other than items you use on a daily basis (including kerosene, gasoline, and special chemicals).

3.   Never place anything near stairs, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, or evacuation equipment. Be sure to secure an evacuation route.

4.   Be careful when using electricity, electrical appliances, air conditioning equipment, and cooking utensils.

5.   Due to the risk of fire, do not bring heating equipment into the room without permission.


(Prohibition of unauthorized entry and accommodation of visitors)

Arcticle 10.                

1.   For security reasons, visitors, including family and friends, are not allowed to enter the facility without prior notice.

2.   If outsiders wish to enter, please report, and obtain approval from MamaSan in advance and obtain approval from other share house residents via LINE group.

3.   Do not enter unnecessarily into residential spaces that you do not use.

4.   When friends and family come to stay, use bedding covers and take them for cleaning after use. Cleaning fees will be at your own expense.

01/04/2023 Entered into force.

28/01/2024 Revised.