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for international students

We, "MamaSan", operate an SNS/portal site and share house that supports foreign students who are living in Japan.

International students who leave their home country to live in Japan (overseas) may come to Japan (overseas) on their own initiative, but they will face various difficulties due to customs and culture gap with their home country.

In order to provide the emotional support to such international students, MamaSan is like an old-fashioned, slightly meddlesome neighborhood “Mama-san”, who is helping, taking care, and giving advice to the students and become the closest person for them. The name that reflects our thoughts.

MamaSan provides information that will help international students in their daily lives, mainly providing wisdom and problem solving during their stay in Japan.

Specifically, we will solve the cultural and language barriers and make their life in Japan more convenient, such as daily updates on the wonders of Japan, garbage disposal schedules, complicated contracts and transportation information, and support at hospitals and barbershops. We provide information for their enjoyment.

In addition, we will develop various related services to support international students in the future.


To bring the world closer together. 


Support children who are going out into the world and help them  become the leaders of the next generation. 


World Peace   
We will make all our actions and decisions based on a belief that the success of our international students will lead to a better world. 

Parental Love
We will look after all international students warmly and treat them with unwavering faith and confidence as if they were our own children. 

New Values
We will always respect differences in values and welcome the new values, and continue to pursue ideas and solutions to various issues. 


12/05/2023  Details of the MamaSan cultural exchange event are now available.

10/10/2023  Share House MamaSan MamaSan Japanese House and Olive Garden property information is now available.

06/02/2023  Share House MamaSan The Blue House and The White House property information is now available.

01/26/2023  Share House MamaSan The Terrace I property information is now available.

01/24/2023  MamaSan official website is now OPEN!